Nue Clean

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The revolution

Introducing the
Nue Clean D1500 Ionising Unit

  • [+] Natural & safe
  • [+] Super economical
  • [+] Environmentally friendly / sustainable
  • [+] Provides a superior clean
D1500 Ioniser Unit

Our Mission

To protect our children, families and environment from the hidden and undisclosed harmful chemicals found in the majority of everyday cleaning products.

Make your own products

Make 3 x versatile chemical free solutions to replace up to 23 x cleaners in your home.

Nue Clean Products

The Hidden Truth

See what your family is currently being exposed to using supermarket bought cleaners.

Why was Nue Clean Developed?

Nue Clean has been developed as a response to evidence of harmful chemicals found within common cleaning products. These chemicals are ever-present in our homes and workplaces. The lack of information and regulation of these chemicals and how they affect our health and environment motivated us to create this revolutionary, safe alternative.